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Master Shake and Meatwad play around with an computer network search locomotive on Frylock's machine and circumstantially invoke the Wwwyzzerdd, a cyber-deity who floods the greenish blue Teens' house with real-life pop-up ads. Shake's naivete does dinky to aid with the situation. succeeding the "Interfection" episode, several web pages appeared on the Internet as a spin-off of Master Shake's search for "teeth, spot conspiracy" and "Metallica" on Frylock's computer's search engine.

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Frylock came to terms with cancellation and his mortality, Master Shake died semi-heroically while operation of making compensation with Meatwad, and Meatwad went on to become up and say goodbye to his past. It was double-length, sentimental, and a good enough way to say goodbye. Too bad it wasn’t the patch the old episode was close to mortality, this one’s much around immortality.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Rotten Tomatoes

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