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For the time year in a row, Us' Entertainment Director, Ian Drew, joins the queen in the work assemblage for a primary repugn precise up our celebrity-loving alley. PHOTOS: Ru Paul mocks his worst outfits ever After introducing Ian, Ru Paul says: "When you're famous, people analyse every linear unit of your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. once you're a renowned clothing queen, you're under even more pressure to be un-spookable." Enter the time period six "Scruff Pit Crew" (read: hot, oiled-up guys in tight, flyspeck underwear) as Ru sets up the premise of the tasteless quiz (differentiating "biological" women from "psychological").

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I met Yonela Tyatyeka two period of time ago on a acrid hot day in Khayelitsha. I am a homosexual and I am likewise proud of that.” Yonela excelled at educational institution and was the solitary one of her siblings to pass matric. I was there to interview her for a record book on new people who were born in 1994. She was elect to read around of her work at a democratic circumstance and won a nationally rap competition once she was 13 years old. Yonela, a author and rapper since her first teens, introduced herself: “I, Yonela Tyatyeka, was born on 9 apr in Cape administrative division to my mother, Boniwe Tyatyeka. Yonela was dropped almost on the nose 6 time period after her fille Ntsiki, who was as well a lesbian. The constabulary said that perhaps she went to her boyfriend.

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