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Write the letter-perfect adjective sort for apiece adjective: old—older.1. far — ___1) brighter 2) amended 3) hotter 4) sadder 5) healthier 6) taller 7) heavier 8) fatter 9) worse 10) farther Change each sentence into the past continuous tense. I was ___ to explain.1) speech-endowed 2) listening 3) riant 4) being 5) melodious 6) doing 7) planning 8) having 9) playing 10) difficult Change each sentence into the present ideal tense.

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Often to the house the Milnes go a) The Milnes go to the cinema often. to the building go very often we a) We go to the theatre actual often. drink tree I brawny dont usually a) I unremarkably dont intemperance fortified coffee.

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