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Write the accurate relative form for each adjective: old—older.1. far — ___1) brighter 2) improved 3) hotter 4) sadder 5) healthier 6) taller 7) heavier 8) fatter 9) dreadful 10) far Change for each one sentence into the ancient continuous tense. I was ___ to explain.1) address 2) listening 3) laughing 4) being 5) musical 6) doing 7) design 8) having 9) playing 10) trying action to each one linguistic string into the ubiquitous perfect tense.

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Often to the movie house the Milnes go a) The Milnes go to the medium often. to the dramatics go very frequently we a) We go to the field of operations very often. drink brownness I strong dont usually a) I unremarkably dont drink knockout coffee.

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