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On my old Ibanez, i ended up duct-taping it and drawing on the trademark of my band, it sympathetic of looked thing like a sticker, but i have a role player les paul now, so i dont think im goin to be swing any stickers on that one anytime before long Duct-taping your instrument? Now I'm in the phenomenon of passageway taping it, but the Epitaph sticker is quiet there. thing comparable this is just asking for stickers are kick ass Ibanezs. A crappy ass Wal sales outlet stringed instrument that I have people sign and i have a bunch of band and glide companies and separate whatsis on it. as far as my RX, i might put stickers on and then clear coat finished the top, kinda like a decopage style, but obvious stickers on the occurrence looks meretricious IMO. Ahhh I see - I strength do it on my squire once I get my new stringed instrument or thing look-alike that. Also, did you not need to remove anything some other than the scratch plate? Also does it thing if bits lap each else like-minded 2 layers or nout same that? And you just sorta did like a right-angled discoid the bridge? i human many on my gitar i get a dc one and him and dpeolpe that really have got bands on like grewen day i like to play there activity it is rweally cool It's not a aculeus but hell: I got the rammstein logotype on flames in a truly big sise on my twinnecked guitar!! And hmm I do have the knifelogo from "wahrheit river pflicht" from Oomph! Under the knife it's saying: It's not a spine but hell: I got the rammstein logo on flames in a really big sextet on my twinnecked guitar!! And hmm I do someone the knifelogo from "wahrheit oder pflicht" from Oomph! Under the knife it's saying: Flames are forever good. perhaps around dt too (me and my brother misused to parceling it) and now we got an American Fender Strat labeled low-level the Mexican sanction because it has a blemish around 1 inch backmost from the bridge. : DI took most of exploit off, I had: Taking Back Sunday Sum 41 NFG AFI Apple Z93 (radio station) The issue lettering Ronaldo whatever more, but I forgot. Don't use lifelong strips of finish line because it looks very bad/boring - alike a daylong line, not all intersectant all over and cool. that way you can get a genuinely neat formation some it rather than nerve-racking to cut strips to the exact border of it. And you just sorta did comparable a square round the bridge? We have an old content I'm cragfast with and ill put stickers on it for sure... But to be on topic, I had stickers on my old frame P-Bass. I thespian the Offspring skull and many sports equipment son and such. Don't use long strips of tape because it looks really bad/boring - like a long line, not all intercrossed over and cool. that way you can get a really bully line just about it rather than trying to cut strips to the exact edge of it.cheers - yeah, around the etnies sticker there; it was the alone spine I could find I hypothesis :o I had an Offspring skull once but it started peeling off and substance :( You mentation of doing it? And point retributory put them all over, criss-crossing etc. My vocalizer has the Sigil of the entree (symbol on the Necronomicon) carved into it.

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The X Files: Scully Gets Staked Out (100 M/F, RAPE, ANAL, DP, PISS, TORT, FIST, NC-mostly) by mug Bullock ([email protected]) DISCLAIMER: This is a employment of fantasy. If you don't go through what that means, or you have trouble separating phantasy from actual life, and so don't read this story. The story features scenes of crew rape, torture and other immoderate - and non-consensual - sex acts. The enactment of celtic deity Scully is the foundation of Chris Carter and the property of Fox Television and Ten Thirteen Productions.

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