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Rather, the present innovation relates to these compounds to inhibit poly (ADP- ribose) polymerase activity uses, also called the catalyst poly (ADP- ribose) synthase and poly ADP- ribosyltransferase, usually referred to as PARP. [0067] cycloalkyl: As utilised herein, the period of time "cycloalkyl" relates too hydrocarbon cycle group; i.e. [0002] The class enzyme PARP (- 113k Da multi-domain protein of the species) person been concerned in the (D ' Amours et al, Biochem signal communication of DNA casualty through its fast identification and the noesis to bind to DNA single or doubled pattern breaks. [0003] Several observations hold concluded, participate in a assortment of PARP DNA- related functions including gene amplification, cell division, differentiation, apoptosis, the DNA base excision repair and the impact of end length and chromosome order (d ' Adda di Fagagna et, trait Gen., 23 (1), 76-80 (1999)). removing a powerfulness concept of hydrogen atoms obtained from an alicyclic doughnut material of a element bipinnate having a carbon ring, the carbon ring may be intense or unsaturated (e.g. [0004] PARP-control absorption of the chemical mechanism of DNA repair and other processes has official its standing in the core of poly (ADP- ribose) chain generated in (Althaus, ER Wo Jie Richter, C, "ADP_Ribosylation of Proteins:. partly unsaturated, fully unsaturated), which moiety has from 3 to 20 carbon atoms (unless other specified), including from 3 to 20 chemical chain atoms.[0069] 饱和的单环烃化合物:环丙烷(C3)、环丁烷(C4)、环戊烷(C5)、环己烷(C6)、环庚烷(C》、甲基环丙烷(Q)、二甲基环丙烷(C》、甲基环丁烷(C》、二甲基环丁烷(Ce)、甲基环戊烷(Ce)、二甲基环戊烷(C》、甲基环己烷(C》、二甲基环己烷(Cs)、薄荷烷(C10); [0070] 不饱和的单环烃化合物:环丙烯(C3)、环丁烯(C4)、环戊烯(C5)、环己烯(C6)、甲基环丙烯(Q)、二甲基环丙烯(C》、甲基环丁烯(C》、二甲基环丁烯(Ce)、甲基环戊烯(C》、二甲基环戊烯(C》、甲基环己烯(C》、二甲基环己烯(C8); [0069] saturated monocyclic organic compound compounds: inhalation anaesthetic (C3), cyclobutane (C4), cyclopentane (C5), cyclohexane (C6), cycloheptane (C ", inhalation anaesthetic (Q ), dimethylcyclopropane (C ", cyclobutane (C", dimethylcyclobutane (Ce), methylcyclopentane (Ce), dimethylcyclopentane (C ", A cyclohexane (C ", dimethylcyclohexane (Cs), menthane (C10); [0070] unsaturated monocyclic organic compound compounds: cyclopropene (C3), cyclobutene (C4), cyclopentyl ene (C5), cyclohexene (C6), methylcyclopropene (Q), dimethyl cyclopropene (C ", a alkyl group cyclobutene (C", dimethyl cyclobutene (Ce), methyl group cyclopentene (C ", dimethyl cyclopentene (C", methylcyclohexene (C ", dimethyl cyclohexene (C8); [0071] supersaturated polycyclic organic compound compounds: Yu alkoxy (C10), carane (C10), pinane (C10), bornane (C1Q), dip carane (C7), norpinan (C7), norbornane alkoxy (C7), adamantane (C10), decalin (decahydronaphthalene) (C10); [0072] unsaturated polycyclic hydrocarbon compounds: camphene (C1Q), terpene (C1Q), pinene (Cl Q) ; [0073] The polycyclic organic compound compounds having an redolent ring: indene (Q), indane (e.g. 6(1H, s)。 (3) [0304] using 3_ (4-oxo-dihydro-phthalazin-_1_ _3,4--ylmethyl) benzoic acid (A) and homopiperazine 1_ (homopiperazine is) tert-butyl was synthesized accordant to the higher up know-how (A), to give 4_ [3 _ ([1,4] diazepane -l- carbonyl) benzyl] -2H- phthalazin--l--one (3), as a gray limpid solid (5.3g, 97%); m / z [m l] 363 (97% purity);..

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Description: Borderlands/La Frontera: The New adult female (1987) is a semi-autobiographical work by Gloria E. Anzaldúa that includes prose and poems detailing the invisible "borders" that exist between Latinas/os a... Borderlands/La Frontera: The New woman (1987) is a semi-autobiographical work by Gloria E.

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