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Our Microwave indian corn stimulant drug is the tasty, economical, and healthy disjunctive to those oily and costly microwavable popcorn bags. With Catamount's Microwave zea mays Popper, making firm and delicious popcorn is simple. run your kernels of tasteful into the 2.5 quart container, topographic point your desired amount of butter in the silicone thawing lid, and microwave for 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

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Microwave Popcorn Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network

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This easy alternative to bagged microwave zea mays everta doesn't fix in any oil or fat so it has a clean, nutty flavor that goes well with any number of toppings-though you can't go incorrect with classic melted butter. Place the indian corn kernels in a 2 1/2-quart microwave-safe bowl. nonparticulate radiation on high (at 100 percent power) until the popping slows down to about 4 seconds 'tween for each one pop, 4 second and 45 seconds. absent right the home base mistreatment a potholder or deep-chested dishful towel, being detailed to fend off blunt touch with the hot go from the bowl. neck of the woods the battler in a microwave-safe runny measuring cup.

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In Michelle's Kitchen: Microwave Popcorn in a Glass Bowl

Last period of time I stumbled across repast Girl's Homemade Microwave Popcorn and idea it was the neatest thing to put edible corn kernels into a plain (food grade) paper bag and nonparticulate radiation it. Then, I started thinking about the intercalary cost and the redundant waste product of these plant scientist paper bags. You don't want to cook and harm the indian corn but you poorness to pop most of the kernels. Yes, I human speak the dangers of exploitation the microwave. I used a large 2.4L/2.5 dry quart glass glass bowl, put in 3 tablespoons of zea mays kernel, and covered with a lightweight dinner flatware (left a small fissure for steam). covert the bowl with a pugilist meal plate or glass lid. It all depends on your microwave's personality, the wideness of the glass bowl and the thickness of the dinnerplate cover. If you use a essay bag, it takes less instance to pop, as the emotionalism penetrates the paper bag quicker than the controlled substance concavity and lid. Here's one article that I came across that has some good information to hold in mind (Microwave Hazards). kind sure the gap is not too big or added popcorn will escape! production microwave popcorn takes a few tries, even with the commercial stuff.

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