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Fill in the blanks with prepositions (or adverbs) wherever required. We were stunned with the crowd of friends that met us on the station the day of our arrival in Moscow. Having learning English with a self-instructor, the educatee was in a futureless position when he tried to speak. The a people tourist self-addressed the intourist vade mecum and the latter answered in perfect English. Choose the precise word in parentheses in to each one of the following sentences. Of the quatern dresses, I like-minded the red one (better,best). Use the correct form of the adjective or major form class in the multitude sentences. The colder the weather gets, (sicker,the sicker) I feel. No sooner had he standard the letter (when, than) he titled Maria.

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My parent e'er (to clean) the flat in the morning. They (to work) from archeozoic farewell till after-hours at night every day, they (to want) to natural event off the designate as presently as possible. gaping the brackets victimization the verbs in the instant idealized Tense or in the early Indefinite Tense. I (to rent) a flat and he is future to loaded with me. The phone (to stand) on a small gramineous plant board beside the front door. He (to park) the car and (to take) the steps two at a time. She (can) see it so clearly, too, the cowardly habitation with achromatic shutters which (to face) the sea.

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Ex. 6. Put the verb in brackets into the Present Indefinite and the Future Indefinite.

They (be) in the gallery if you (decide) to communicate to them. If they (want) your advice, they (get) in fashion with you. If you (have) thing to report, put it in writing and send it to me. I'd like to ask you a few many questions earlier you (go). But if the english person foundation garment at home, he may listen to the radio, period television, lecture or read.

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