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Humorous Keynote Concerts

In a unique combination of candor, humor, and original songs, international speaker Vicki Hannah Lein shares the joy and challenge of her journey to transform obstacles into stand up comedy. Vicki gets people on their feet, cheering, singing, laughing, and wiping away tears. You have never experienced a presenter quite like Vicki Hannah Lein. Here are a few area she presents on:

  • Oatmeal Humor

    Personal Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Women’s Health

  • Change Management

  • Teachers and other Heroes


Keynote Descriptions


Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Are you tired of being good? Are you ready to start breaking a few rules? Join Vicki Hannah Lein, a recovering “nice girl,” as she helps you laugh and let go, revealing her secrets for embracing authenticity and discovering joy.

In this interactive, humorous session you will learn five effective techniques on how to:
• Stop consistently sacrificing your needs and wants for others.
• Get reacquainted with your essence.
• Stand up for yourself even when the only person trying to stop you is you.
• Disappoint people without crumbling.
• Say “no” several different ways and mean it.
• Discover untapped inner resources that will amaze and delight you, propelling you into a more vibrant, authentic life.

Sample Topics:

Laugh Now – It’s Lighter than You Think!
It’s not what happens to us that counts. It’s the story we tell ourselves about what is happening to us that makes all the difference. Do we feel enormously irritated when the store clerk is slow or do we find a way to make it funny. I became legally blind in 1994 and while that is no joke, it still improved my life with humor if I chose to tell myself a funny story rather than a tragic story.
Tilting Our Lives Toward Joy 
Let’s just tilt our lives a little more toward joy and away from stress, shall we? Let’s just decide to have more fun, okay? Let’s accept that life is short, and we aren’t getting any younger. Our lives can be sprinkled with more laughter and play and the time to start is NOW!
What Do You Really Want? Ask the Cosmic Waitress
People who are connected to their passions work better and smarter. They are more productive, healthier, and live longer. Getting in touch with what we really want is easier than you might think. It takes courage, listening, and a willingness to entertain new ideas. Creativity and laughter heal and solve problems. Join Vicki and the Cosmic Waitress in this smart, outrageous, funny journey into possibility. Why wait? What have you got to lose besides crankiness, despair, rage, depression, and a mean streak you don’t understand?

Song Samples:

“Take a stand for being as brilliant as you are. Take a stand for reaching for the highest star. Surf the flow of your magical creativity. Don’t settle for safety and mediocrity.” from Take a Stand for Love.

“Tiny boobies set me free. I can go jogging, no jiggling you’ll see.” froTiny Boobies

“You need to sing your song. You need to find your vice. You need to listen deep for your truth inside and then make your choice.” from Sing My Song




Vicki during presentation

Your Problems are Not My Problems:
Coping with Difficult People Without Becoming One of Them

If one really difficult person wanders into our personal or professional lives, we can suffer for hours, days, weeks or even years. Such experiences teach us to avoid conflict resulting in problems that grow and fester. Habitual abuse can flourish if we do not know how to tend these “weeds” in our garden.
In this interactive, humorous presentation you will learn five simple strategies to deal with familiar conflicts. You will learn how to:
• Stop taking other people’s misbehavior personally.
• Turn conflicts into opportunities to deepen relationships.
• Protect yourself and your serenity from abuse while staying respectful.

These proven techniques are effective and are fun. You will no longer avoid conflict when it presents; feeling confident that you know the secrets to coping with difficult people without becoming one of them.

Sample Topics:

Help! My Giving Muscle is Broken!
Good people wear out when they don’t know how to give to themselves. In this presentation, Vicki helps people rediscover their passion for their work while inspiring them to take impeccably good care of themselves.

Song samples:

“Gratitude, gratitude. It’s an attitude. You can be grateful for what you’ve got or complain about what’s not. It’s up to you. – from Gratitude is an Attitude

“Maybe I should always know just what you need and give and give and give and give until I bleed. And never do what I want unless you’ve agreed. Nope! I’m gonna love me just as I am.” Lyrics from I’m gonna Love Me Just as I Am




What You See is What You Get: Falling in Love with the Body You Have

Disgust is a terrible motivator, yet many of us have tried to hate ourselves into a body we feel would be more acceptable. What if you could learn to love yourself by finding exercises and foods you love while abandoning dieting forever? In this interactive, humorous presentation you will learn three no-fail techniques to help you:

  • Accept yourself as you are.
  • Transform anxiety into gratitude.
  • Stop focusing on “imperfections” and start celebrating the gifts your body gives you.
  • Love your way to feeling better about yourself on the road to a healthier you.
  • Reduce stress, increase joy, laugh more and live longer.

Come away refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of appreciation for the glorious being you are!

Sample Topics:

Loving Our Bodies “As Is”
It takes courage to dare to love ourselves just as we are. And a good sense of humor. This musical, laugh-filled presentation will give you a new perspective on your cellulite and saggy knees. Part Erma Bombeck, part a PG rated Bette Midler, Vicki will have your group laughing so hard they pee their pants.
Warrior BabeFinding Magic in Adversity
When sad things inevitably happen to us, we must decide whether we will be bitter or better. Every disaster invites us to discover compassion and resources within us we may never have found any other way. It takes practice to get good at grieving, letting go and going on. It also takes a sense of humor and a sense of perspective and this is what Vicki Hannah Lein will provide in this lively, laugh-filled presentation.
Becoming a WarriorBabe!
Consideration and kindness aer assets. Knee-jerk accommodating and pathological pleasing disable our joy and our competence. Becoming a WarriorBabe does not mean becoming aggressive or cruel. It does mean taking a stand for your own sacred space and your right to be just as big, in every way, as you want to be! Vicki will get you on your feet, cheering for more life in your life. You will never be quite the same.

Song samples:

All Women are Beautiful“No matter what anyone’s ever told you, you’re a part of the sacred fire. You were born to make your magic, live your deepest desire.” – from All Women Are Beautiful

“Maybe I should lipo-suck the fat from my thighs. And Botox the wrinkles away from my eyes. And invent a very clever spider vein disguise. Too hard. I guess I’ll love me just as I am.” Lyrics from I’m gonna Love Me Just as I Am

 “When your petal falls, you’re still a rose.” from Still a Rose

“No more nice girl, no more nice girl for me!” No more ‘yessing’ when I do not agree.” from WarriorBabe



I may Look GoodI May Look Good, but I Don’t See Well:
Overcoming Obstacles with Humor and Grit

Though legally blind, Vicki Hannah Lein travels all over the world alone, writes books and songs, and sings and performs with whole-hearted exuberance and a smile. Yet she spent half of her life afraid of everything. In a lively, interactive, humorous presentation, Vicki shares her secrets how to change from being an anxious people-pleaser into someone who isn’t afraid to take the world head on.

In this memorable presentation you will learn how to:
• Tap into your inner resources, so you can step out of your fear and into your greatness.
• Laugh yourself silly as you learn the secrets to becoming braver everyday.
• Trust your creativity. • Persevere instead of giving up.
• Live your biggest dreams.
• Face the unknown with confidence.

Sample Topics:

I May Look Good, but I Don’t See Well
When a Petal Falls, It’s Still a Rose

Song samples:

“Don’t brush your teeth with Preparation H. It foams, but it does not clean.” –  from Ode to Blindness

“When your petal falls, you’re still a rose.” from Still a Rose

Bad grammar, maybe, but as Helen Keller said, “The world is full of suffering and the overcoming of it.” At forty-three Vicki lost her central vision to a hereditary disease. Since then she has learned to find magic in adversity – and humor as well. Full of practical suggestions and a light-hearted perspective, this presentation will leave you “Grateful for what you’ve got instead of complaining about what’s not.” From Gratitude



Sample Topics:

• Teachers as Guardians of the Joy of Learning
• Creating Inspirational Schools

Song sample:

“I’d rather play in the middle of a freeway with toxic inflammable toys than show any sweet vulnerability to sarcastic adolescent boys.” From Adolescent Boys