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“Vicki’s sense of humor is attached to life and her songs are relevant. You come away from Vicki’s presentations with a good feeling and thoughts she shares keep popping into your mind for weeks afterward. A very good use of training time.”— Twila Schell, VISTA Volunteer for Start Making A Reader Today (SMART)

Conference Presentations

I’ve taught my song Beauty Like a Rock with sign language to conferences all over the world.  Check out this link and I will teach it to you.

“Whatever we practice we get good at, and we are always practicing something.  If you are practicing being afraid, then you will get really good at being afraid.”

Keynote Speaker

Join Vicki Hannah Lein, M.S. Counseling, as she sings her way past your fears and into your heart. Vicki will show you a good time that will stick to your ribs and give you new ways to embrace the joy of just waking up alive each day.

“Vicki’s messages of self confidence and tolerance took the group by storm and in no time she had the crowd participating with enthusiasm. The reviews from the event were wonderful and Vicki played a huge part in the day’s success. If you are looking for someone to motivate, inspire and entertain then I certainly would recommend Vicki Hannah Lein as your next keynote speaker.”—Jan Hiatt, Women’s Health Pavilion,

Enlightening Educational Workshops

Because I am a counselor, singer/songwriter, and a performer, all of my workshops are lively, interactive, and entertaining. I love to travel and, since I am not tied to a regular job, I have flexibility. I have worked with all ages of children and adults, which means I can customize my presentations to fit most groups.

“I have always been insecure about my writing ability, but after taking Vicki’s writing class, I now love writing myself and am confident my students will love writing now.”— Fred Rodgers, Elementary School teacher

“I met Vicki at a very difficult time in my life. I attended a 3 day class that she was teaching. The class opened my eyes about the stories I was telling myself. I learned to spit on the voice in my head that said ” you can’t do that its stupid. Vicki inspired me to practice what I want to get good at. Good or bad, what you practice you get good at. I learned to be me and for that I am so grateful.” — Rachel Bretbrunner


“Our staff is not generally open and receptive. I can’t believe how involved you got them. What a great way to start the year! Would you come back and do all of our inservice?”  —Carlen Stamin, Elementary School principal