Music CD’s

Alive Alive CD
Alive, Alive – Songs that Lift You Up. Dust you off. And set you Free!
CD includes “Well Done”, “I Deserve to Be Loved”, “It Takes a Whole Village”, “Gratitude”, “Beauty Like a Rock” and “WarriorBabe”.
Daring to Sing CD
 Daring to Sing
CD includes “I Feel Fifty”, “Adolescent Boys”, “My Mommy is an Angel” and “Sorry Doesn’t Work Here Anymore”.This Cd compliments the book “Woman with a Voice”
Courageous Communiity
Songs for a Caring, Courageous Community
Fun, educational songs for children age 0 to 100 to build integrity, self esteem and community. Great for use with homeschooling, assemblies, and in the classroom.
Sing Anyway
Sing Anyway!
Everything from lighthearted humor to heartening reflection; upbeat jazzy pop to slow, emotional anthems. Songs that will make you laugh and cry, then feel strong and refreshed.

Books & Workbooks

Courage to Lead
Courage to Lead
The world needs the best from each of us now more than ever. If you agree with the above statement then you are ready to take the four steps of leadership discussed in this book: Step up, Lean In, Make No Excuses, and Learn to Stay in the Game. Leadership isn’t just for those few at the top we can blame when we are unhappy. It is the responsibility of every person to step up and take a stand for what is important: respect, dignity, personal safety, service, and citizenship. This book will anchor you in the best of you and guide you to live as Mary Oliver described so well in her poem “The Journey:” And then you strove deeper into the world, determined to do the only thing you could do, determined to save the only life you could save.”
 Courage to Lead
Thirty Days to Change Your Life
This journal is for people who want to change and improve their lives. Thirty Days to Change Your Life could be the beginning of a whole new life for you. It could help you change some bad habits you have been working on for years. Thirty Days to Change Your Life is not magic. You can make changes, but YOU have to make the changes.
 Woman with a Voice
Woman with a Voice: Daring to Live Authentically Ever After
In a unique combination of candor and humor, Vicki Hannah Lein shares the discovery of her authentic voice as she offers help to readers who want to do the same. Through stories, poems, and song lyrics, she shares insights about growing up in a home with too much drinking and violence. At age forty-three, Vicki loses her central vision and is forced to redefine and rediscover her purpose on the planet. Part autobiographical, part self-help and spiritual growth, this book provides hours of validation and inspiration for anyone who desires to live from their deepest truth and highest calling. 
 Wild about Writing
Wild About Writing
Get your students to love writing and write better than they ever have. Learn some skills and activities that will motivate your students to
want to write. Their experience will be so positive you will have a
hard time getting them to put their pencils down and go out and play.
Wise Women Speak: Changes Along the Path
Twenty engaging women share how they have dealt with obstacles in their lives. The last chapter “when a Petal Falls, It’s Still a Rose” contributed by Vicki Hannah Lein.
Cost:$25 (includes shipping and Handling)Order from Vicki
 Rejuvenate Your Teaching
Rejunenating Your Teaching, Recovering Your Joy
Teachers are hard-working and conscientious. That is our strength and our weakness. Working hard, then, is Newtonian physics. Working smarter is Quantum physics. This way of using your time and energy to be effective can look like magic. In this book I will teach you ‘magic’.
 Discipline with the Brain in Mind
Discipline with the Brain in Mind
This book will not be a technical discussion of how the brain works. This book’s purpose is to give you specific tools, based upon how the brain works, that you can apply in your classrooms, schools, and personal lives.
 Creating a Courageous Community
Creating a Caring, Courageous Community
This book is a collection of anecdotes, song lyrics, suggested activities, skits and philosophy. It is a labor of love and my intent is that readers will be inspired and challenged. Let us do all we can to be worthy of our children. We have a lot to live up to. May this book spark your inner fire, and inspire you to take the emotional risks it takes to truly inspire and teach our youth.
And don’t forget the CD – Songs for a Caring and Courageous Community
 Smart Thought for Stupid Moments
Smart Thoughts for Stupid Moments
What to do when your Brain abandons you. When I thought of writing this book, I wanted to create something handy to help all of us remember the best of ourselves when we’re at our worst. My hope is that you’ll pick up this book first thing when you feel stuck, depressed, out-of-your-mind angry, hopeless, or sick to your stomach with grief. Smart Thoughts For Stupid Moments might just become your best friend.
 Your Book of You
Your Book of You
This book is brought to you by your allies on your Angel Committee. We have decided that, with “a little help from your friends,” you could enjoy every day more fully. We are inviting you to stop practicing making yourself fearful and start practicing the habit of being fully present in the here and now. We want you to have fun doing this, but we are serious about how important your daily self-care is. We are sure writing daily in this book will increase your joy and serenity and decrease your suffering. We have spoken.