vicki2014bFunny, Inspiring Keynote Speaker

“Vicki is truly one of a kind.  She has enlivened and enthused conferences of international educators for years. I first met her in Africa and subsequently brought her to conferences in Rio and Quito. Her enthusiasm and overcoming of personal obstacles is truly heroic.” ~Paul Poore, Director, Association of American Schools of South America

I’ve taught my song Beauty Like a Rock with sign language to conferences all over the world.  Check out this link and I will teach it to you:

YouTube video  Beauty Like a Rock

Assemblies, Workshops, Graduate Credit



Assemblies are interactive, musical, and fun!  Get your students and staff on fire about:

  • Perseverance! “Perseverance means never giving up even when you are horribly embarrassed.”
  • Respect! “We’re all born as sacred space.  Being mean, that’s a disgrace.  This is just the Golden Rule and that’s Respect!”
  • Healthy Choices! “We’re choosing. We’re choosing.  we’re choosing all day long. We choose to be weak or we choose to be strong.”

Students interacting with Vicki



Wild about Writing


“Vicki taught me I am the author of my own life.” 7th grade boy from dubai

“The Dinosaur tried to get me to stop writing and worry about spelling, but
I said ‘Ptooie!  I spit on you!’ and kept writing.”
elementary school boy

“this is the most I’ve ever written!”  almost every student Vicki works with


“Vicki’s enthusiasm is contagious!”  Jan Bateman, high school English teacher



Presentations Vicki Offers:

Interactive Musical Keynotes

Student Led School Assemblies

Workshops for Staff and Parents

Faculty and Student Retreats

Customized Trainings for Individual Schools



Some Presentation Topics:

Cruelty is Not Cool:  Kindness is the Balm!

Cruelty is NOT Cool campaign

Conference Presentations



YouTube videoThe following videos express my philosophy of education

Music and Life by Alan Watts

Benjamin Zander: Classical music with shining eyes

RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Cruelty is NOT Cool campaign